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It all began in
Jackie's kitchen

Jackie Saez, owner and head chef, of Snatched Kitchen meal prep is a mother, a health educator and an advocate for food justice in her community. She is a firm believer that everyone should have the opportunity to honor their body’s with nourishing foods no matter their age, race, economic background or sexuality. She was born and raised in Philadelphia but her family originates from Puerto Rico. Her love for food very much stems from her cultural food ways. Your meals are guaranteed to be made with lots of sofrito, spice and everything nice! 


While in college (quite some time ago) Jackie learned that she had a blood clot in her left lung. While on anticoagulants she had to make changes to her diet, this led her to take a deeper look into how nutrients from food can affect certain body functions. Upon graduating with a degree in Public Health Jackie made it her career to educate people on the importance your diet can have on your health outcomes. ​

Even with ALL the knowledge and lived experiences, Jackie still struggled with being overweight and other health issues that came with. So, in 2018, she made a commitment to herself to a physically active lifestyle balanced with healthier takes on all the foods she loves. But in order to make this happen she had to be prepared. She created a meal plan with fresh, healthy and delicious recipes and achieved her goal. Understanding that this is now a lifestyle change she continued to do this for herself and then for others who needed support. 


Then in August of 2019 Snatched Kitchen was born! After getting her body, mind and spirit snatched it was time to spread the love. The word "Snatched" was borrowed from the LGBT and drag communities. It’s used to mean "fierce" or "on point”. In the fitness community we use the word “snatched” to describe our physique. Here at Snatched Kitchen you get to define your snatched, your meals, your portions! Period. 


Bottom line we have all been there. This journey is both mental and physical and no one is perfect!


"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it."


- unknown



“Initially meal prepping helped me in my weight loss journey. But now, overall it allows me to always have healthier options on hand and saves me so much money & time.”


- Jackie

 “Meal prep with you makes nourishing myself so much easier”


- Jade

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